I guess I’m not worthy to breathe

Not worthy to walk down the street holding my favorite candy and tea

I’m not worthy enough to make it to 21 or even 13

I can hold my hands up

Say don’t shoot

Officer why am I being pulled over?

Standing on a street corner with loose cigarettes

I can’t say I’m picking up my wallet I’m late to my wedding

Without hearing gun shots ring out

I never knew they have the same sound as wedding bells

I can’t hear my mother say “the street lights are on boy get home”

It pierces my soul the same way bullets left me lifeless

I remember her saying be vigilant with my journey

That goes out the window when vigilantes wear blue

Barring badges

Driving cars that say “protect and serve”

Who take vows to protect the communities they severe

I must be on the wrong block

In the wrong color

My neighborhood is a war zone

I’m unarmed, can’t brandish my second amendment right

Even if I live in open carry states

I have no rights

Mister office here’s a cd, a cigarette, some skittles, a Arizona iced tea, my wallet

My life

I wonder how do you sleep at night?

Does my scream echo in your room?

Does sweat that drops from your forehead remind you of every bullet you fired into my restrained body?

Do you still smell the smoke of the barrel mixed with my blood?

When you repent and raise your trigger finger at. church it will resemble my toe tag

My name will forever be etched there

Date and time of my last breath

You’ll never be able to erase the feel of death from your existence

Never remove the weight of your knee in my back

Gun to my head

Me staring at the barrel hoping to get home

Closing my eyes, hearing bang

Seeing the last light I’ll ever see

I’ll lay life less

You’ll get up

Go home

Paid administrative leave

You’ll hug your love ones

Kiss your wife and kids

Have comfort and support

While my loved ones are hugging my casket

Placing my likeness on t-shirts

They will wear me like you wear your badge

With honor, with pride

Standing at attention with a smile

Just another day at the office

Just another day a family morns

Another child fatherless

Another child dead

Another black life lost

Another protest

Another dismissal

No conviction

Just another hashtag

America deemed me unworthy today

Unworthy of life, raising my kids, being a kid, being a husband, seeing my graduation day, coming of age, coming into my own

I can’t breath

Black lives matter

Stop killing Us

©2016 F. Davis/ Poeticlifeline/ Allure and Soul All Rights Reserved

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