She believes her existence is a galaxy of shooting stars

Her wish is simple

Stop the pain of being

Being unseen

Being riddled with gut punches

I love you

I’m sorry

This won’t happened again

I’m a changed man

Those shooting stars remind her of his force

Balled fist attached to biceps that held her close once.

Helped let her guard down

Even as she hears “never let your guard down”

Always protect yourself

Love is a squared circle

Always land the first blow or stand to be knocked down

She confuses love with being a prize fighter

Always fighting

Fighting for her own safety

Fighting because when he says I love you

It’s like a bell ringing

Opening round

All she hears is “BOX” or “FIGHT”

She throws her hands up

Parrying his rage

His force still rattles her head

One blow and she’s down

First round KO

He confuses her brokenness as weakness tells her to get up

Fight back, where was all that mouth she had

Where’s the sass now

He confused this for MMA

Straddled her, throw body shot after body shot

She blacks out, body goes limp

A black eye, 2 broken ribs accompanied by a broken soul and 2 dozen roses

A kiss on the forehead after another hospital visit

Another apology

Another I forgive you

I love you

Another bell rings


This time she throws the first blow

Fuck you

I hate you

You ain’t shit

He fires a straight jab

Followed by a right hand and uppercut

He remembers his golden gloves days

He sees her as opposition

He’s a warrior, he’s a fighter

She’s his punching bag

Taking the abuse he endured growing up

He gives her what he considers love

Each blow the same rhythm of his heart beat

He just wants hers to match his

Now he beats on her casket


His tears, an apology

Staining forgive me on her casket

He wants her to awake

Show the strength to stand again

Wish this was a standing 10 count

1.) I should have showed restraint

2.) I’m sorry was just a blindfold

3.) I lied when I said it was the last time

4.) I love you is a force fill blow

5.) I wish I showed restraint

6.) The last time I brought you roses I laid them at your bedside

7.) The last time I smell the roses it smelled like my hands

8.) I’m sorry, a black eye I decided to call love

9.) A pulled trigger

10.) The knockout

He could no longer face his reality

Could no loner face the stark change in her face

That’s etched on his pupils

Could no longer rub his hands together

Couldn’t crack his knuckles

They sound like her screams


I love you

What did I do this time

It won’t happen again

I’m sorry

His body falls

Lays lifeless

Her soul cries

There’s a rainfall

She loves him

Even if it killed her to do so.

©2016 F. Davis/ Poeticlifeline/ Allure and Soul All Rights Reserved

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