Five New Year’s resolutions you absolutely must make & follow

Today we are going to write about the most common New Year’s resolutions people commonly make: boosting health, losing weight, keeping fit, and improving our well-being. Since these resolutions are the hardest to keep, we will also propose some tricks that might help you attain at least a modest level of success.

Yes, most people still make New Year’s resolutions. Despite the fact that New Year is just another day like any other, it symbolically still means a fresh start, a new chance to improve ourselves. We do say that the ‘old year dies’ and ‘a new year is born’, do we not?

“Losing weight or eating more health food will require a change of mindset”

About 40% of all people in the West have decided to make some drastic changes in their lives at midnight December 31st. However, a great majority already now know that they will break them. In fact, according to some studies only about 10% of all the people who have made promises to themselves will keep them. So sadly, as soon as the glow of New Year’s celebrations passes, most people will lose their motivation (in other words: they will have digested and ‘gotten rid of’ New Year’s stodgy dinner) and go back to their old ways — resolving that the following year things will certainly be different — just not right now.

Our blog will propose a few ways to help you keep your resolutions. You know, change the wording a bit to make them seem more achievable. Of course, just like all other tricks, they will fail miserably if the motivation is not high or our pain not annoying enough. But still, let’s give it a try:

  1. I will keep myself hydrated more regularly

As already stated, most New Year’s resolutions are about health, losing weight, and eating more nutritious food. However, these three are notoriously hard to keep. Losing weight or eating more healthy food will require a change of mindset — the way we walk, work, work out, drink or not drink. So we will not just be changing our diet — we essentially have to alter our lifestyle. Perhaps the easiest to change is how we drink water to hydrate of our body. Keeping hydrated is, as most of you know, a very important factor in our health management routine. Hydration helps with our nutrition, lubricates our joints, helps keep our body minerals in balance, hydrates cells… In short, without drinking water, we would be dead in a few days.

Keeping to a regular drinking regime will help you maintain other similar regimes, like for instance eating. When we get accustomed to measuring our water intake, we will also learn to measure our calorie intake and also control the substances we are ingesting. In the end, this could lead to a more regular and balanced diet, some weight loss, and the highly vaunted healthy lifestyle that we all obsess about.

2. I will drink only water with health benefits

While trying to keep healthy and lose weight, we might want to blend some substances, such as minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes into one drink instead of ingesting them through several meals. It is widely known that the market offers several functional water brands that will offer all different kinds of health benefits and functions. The most common are herb and fruit extract types, but there are also other variants. All of these brands claim that they will give you an energy boost or fill you up with vitamins or electrolytes.

“As soon as the glow of New Year’s celebrations passes, the majority will lose their motivation”

What is best about them is that these types of functional water are so-called ‘guilt free’, which means that they only have a few calories per dose. Now compare that to a bottle of your favorite carbonated and sweetened drink and see the difference!

3. I will replenish my body with appropriate vitamins and minerals

Why would anyone need to replenish their bodies with anything if they are not losing it, right? However, you will be losing lots of body fluids and minerals if you work out regularly. The fact is that because most of us eat too much and do not replenish lost substances properly, we end up ingesting more calories than necessary. Heck, we ingest far too many calories even when we are not working out! So reversing the psychology might help us work out more regularly. Visualizing a container of a great and tasty beverage just might pressure us to go and put on a tracksuit. The rest will be easy. Just do not forget to hydrate properly afterward!

4. I will regularly give myself an immunity boost

Why is it that we make health-related New Year’s resolutions but then, come mid-January, we are already down with a cold? Well, the reason might be that New Year is celebrated, at least in the Northern hemisphere, during the bleak midwinter months, when temperatures are low and many people run around with a runny nose. But does it have to be you, too?

“New Year symbolically still means a fresh start, a new chance to improve ourselves”

Therefore, do give yourselves an immunity boost regularly. There are many ways to do this, but again, just like with all the health-related regimes, they are notoriously hard to adhere to. So why not combine your daily vitamin dose with hydration? As we have already written, many functional water brands nowadays contain a fruit or herb extract. Its function is to give us a daily dose of immunity and keep us healthier while not giving us extra calories that might add to our body weight.

5. I will not break with my New Year’s resolutions this time

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution that you will not break your New Year’s resolutions this time? This is not a joke! If you haven’t, then maybe this should be your fifth resolution. “Will not break my New Year’s resolutions!” it should say, proudly written down.

Whether or not you have made New Year’s resolutions, or whether you keep them or break them, here’s a Happy New Year to all of you with these well-beloved words:

“For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.”

Have you made any health-related New Year’s resolutions? We would like to learn about them, so please leave them in the comments section below. Oh, and please consider giving us a clap or sharing our blog if you liked it. Thank you!