Roof Coating: A Popular Technique to Protect the Shield over Head

The roof of a house, apart from protecting the residents from storm, dust and heat, also adds to the beauty and safety of the home. Being the most important part of any home, it should be maintained properly. As such, roof coating has become a very popular way for protecting the roof from all kinds of outside effects these days, especially in the city of Perth, Australia. The concept of roof coating in Perth is gaining wide acceptance as it helps in enhancing the durability of the roof.

Roof Coating- What is it?
Roof coating helps in improving the appearance of your house and making it look attractive. A roof coating is a stretchable membrane coming with a longevity fluid applied on it. Roof coating protects the roof from the effects of sun rays, rain and hailstones and retains its new look for years to come.

Types of Roof Coating :
Different types of roof coating are available depending on the condition of your roof. Check out some of them below:

1. Acrylic Roof Coating — Acrylic roof coatings being extremely budget-friendly are considered to be one of the most popular types of roof coating. These environment-friendly coatings help in cooling down the roof and also increase its life by protecting it from the harmful sun rays.

2. Polyurethane Roof Coating — This type of roof coating enhances the durability of the roof by protecting it from various weather conditions. This coating also has the ability to withstand the effect of standing water and provides long term protection to the roofs from the sun rays.

3. Silicone Roof Coating — This type of coating is best in situations where the temperature is at extremes and where the roof is more exposed to the sun rays.

4. PVDF Roof Coating — It is perfect for metal roofs. This coating is water based and has the ability to maintain reflectivity for a longer period.

Facts to Consider While Selecting the Roof Coating
Some major factors should be kept in mind while selecting the best roof coating for your house:

Examine Your Roof — Examining your roof is extremely essential for selecting the perfect roof coating as you can decide when your roof needs to be coated. You can also take the help of professionals to know the condition of your roof.

Select The Best — The other factors which need to be kept in mind while selecting the best roof are the location of the roof, the roof’s ability to withstand chemical exposure, UV rays exposure, exposure to high heat and the slope on the roofs.

Benefits of Roof Coating:

Roof coating in Perth is becoming popular due to the various benefits it offers, some of which are mentioned below:

• Roof coating is considered to be seamless in checking the problems related to roof leakages.

• It helps in providing long lasting roofs by protecting them from rain water and sun rays.

• The roof coatings promise to extend the service life of a roof by 25 years and also reduce the quantity of disposed roofing materials.

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