Scary,Democrats Support LGBT Rights,while Allowing LGBT Billionaire$ to Continue Abusing Gods www Children Via xxx Their LGBT Porn..

Kids and Women* ‏@KidsAndWomen on Twitter

  • * We pray U.S. President Obama becomes an enlightened soul to end the 24/7 child abuse being inflicted on Gods www children via xxx porn

Charlie Rose https://youtu.beNvTYMhbMbQ0

Vladimir Putin Interview with Charlie Rose explains why Russia protects www children from LGBT xxx porn propaganda!

@KidsAndWomen Kids and Women* ‏@KidsAndWomen

@KidsAndWomen Donald Trump understands sane adults do not advocate to allow Gods children To View www Adult xxx Porn..”

** LGBT billionaire$ bribing Gov officials to gain Same Sex Marriage & brainwashing Gods www kids via LGBT xxx porn,is the Devils work!

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