When Time Warner Decided To Inflict Collateral Damage On little Mark Burk, In Hopes Of Destroying Bill Cosby & Making America A Safer Place For Our Female Race..

  • *709) We understand need to get serial rapist$ off the streets & out of the Limo$ of Beverly Hills & Madison Ave,but not collateral damages!

710)Beverly Johnson,what’s worse,a man who rapes women after drugging them,or a lying witness to being drugged or raped,whose only interest is making$


CNN Cable News Network / Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc. are the Appellee’s in the First Circuit Court of Appeals



Time Warner Senior Management Team

Robert D. Marcus*
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dinesh C. Jain*
Chief Operating Officer

Ellen M. East*
Executive Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

Joan Hogan Gillman
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Media Services

Hamid Heidary
Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

John H. Keib
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Residential Services

Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum*
Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Gail G. MacKinnon*
Executive Vice President & Chief Government Relations Officer

Philip G. Meeks
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Business Services

William F. Osbourn, Jr.*
Senior Vice President, Controller & Chief Accounting Officer and Acting Co-Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Siegel*
Senior Vice President & Treasurer and Acting Co-Chief Financial Officer

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