Being black, going crazy?

I looked at the show titled above and thought i’d share my thoughts…

Highlighted issues on mental health such as

T he stigma In the black community of mental health being something black people do not really suffer with because we are strong. From the religious perspective many feel it’s demonic possession in the body causing people to hear voices or act out in ways people would consider dangerous or abnormal.

T here’s also the typical gender issue of the male macho perspective that we should be strong and get on with things with parents that won’t understand us and offer the support needed. So for some, mental illness can lay dormant or dismissed until it becomes worse and with a failure to diagnose on time the correct treatment can’t be issued and things can become allot worse for individuals and others namely leading to prison, violence or a mental health sectioning that can cause the loss of children, family, money and a home.

Throughout the show many state other races see black people being more violent or as a threat so tend to get sectioned more.

Throughout there’s the concerns by younger people that there is a lack of understanding among elders due to the cultural portrayal of metal health as a bad stigma on the family name.

The religious side is looked at through a pastor who preaches the use of the Bible and health departments to help and also the community perspective through a Dr.

T he presenter Keith Dube seems to self diagnose himself by stating his past involved having to look over his shoulder through chasing money and being around dangerous people for a prolonged amount of time that caused anxiety.

Whereas a female on the show had anxiety through school possibly peer pressure to fit in or severe bullying we aren’t told the exact extent or reasons possibly due to the sensitive nature that is still raw to the people explaining.

O ne woman who works with a mental health charity states the fact black people are being put in run down areas generation after generation has caused some of the issues of mental health. Sure from a person on the outside they would argue there has been time to change things but it is hard to go from a life in rundown areas to a positive perspective with the environment and people around you being non-supportive.

She also raises the fact that you just don’t wake up one day with a mental health issue it is something that develops. It’s something other people should be able to see around you and try and take action in some way before you get to the serious stage of needing sectioning. She emphasizes the need for community action to help individuals.

T here are stats that pop up suggesting a high percentage of gang members suffer from personality disorders possibly due to drug misuse or post traumatic violence. Some would argue the downgrading of cannabis has led to it being more readily available and considered a non-drug and this has led to more of the youth smoking and trying various strains that can lead to mental health issues and addiction. I have heard many say it calms them down but then they can’t seem to live without it.

I think anxiety and depression is a thing that has stood out in this show and a lack of support be it that of the community or family. As stated by many they feel alone and isolated dealing with their issues.

I enjoyed this program because I felt it dealt with many issues around mental health in the black community and will help to destigmatise mental health in general so people can now speak out and get help and support.

I f you are reading this and need help or support there are online communities out there and many of the people on the show felt they couldn’t speak to family members but were surprised when they did their family members were supportive.

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