No more stars

The sky seems to be starless these days many will mention the fact that we have so many lights on Earth so you can’t see the stars at night but I’m referring to TV. If you disagree please quote me some recent people you feel are stars? It’s ok I’ll wait. I know who we are told are the next big thing but they aren’t on the same calibre or level as past stars. Probably i could be turning into one of those people who say "in my day we had..." didn’t think I was that old but times change. What used to mean something then often doesn’t now.

Are things that much different now in the world of media? With different means of being famous on different platforms such as YouTube and Facebook diluting what we perceive to be famous?

The rise of reality tv (big brother, the only way is Essex, the voice & x- factor) are a few shows that has led me to the conclusion that there are very few stars being born. Let me explain, when I say stars I mean people who you see and could say there was a certain quality about their appearance or acting skills that made you follow their story without focusing on any other factors such as their private life or what else they are currently doing in the film/ TV world. To name but a few Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Carrie Fisher, and Sigourney Weaver I'm sure there's a whole lot more this was just people that popped in my head at the time.

Even actors some may consider just muscle like Arnold Schwarzenegger who may not be the greatest for delivering full sentences had appearances that made you say he fits the part of a terminator or predator chaser regardless of how many lines he had you wanted to see him do what he does best or his stunt double and that's fight, shoot and scare people.

Now to be on reality tv seems to be the most some people aspire to because it seems like an easy way to be a semi star who can still earn good wages and go on to pursue other carers on tv or push towards a music career. 
Regardless of talent many people are becoming overnight stars through a meme or video that's becoming a talking point for many like the "cash me outside" girl who appeared on doctor. Phil

I won't mention her name many may know or can look it up. The sad reality is even by me mentioning it I'm giving her more publicity which earns her more money through followers on YouTube and the attention it attracts that can get her jobs promoting products or working on advertising commercials.

Most of the reality shows on TV now I presume are scripted to an extent people are often prepared on what their role should be and TV shows too, to see what works in the past or what is currently getting viewers interested or talking and milk it for all the money and attention it can get. There had been many leaks where people have said we were told to act this way or do things they weren't comfortable with and if they didn't go along the next week they were dumped from the show by "public votes".

M y concern is that the younger generation has learnt you don't need to have a talent, you just have to be able to get yourself attention regardless of whether it's for the right reasons or wrong just get your followers and promote yourself. I'm not saying that it's easy to do otherwise we would all do it to an extent, but what about the heartache for those who genuinely gone to acting school and struggle then having to watch someone appear in a film or on TV because of a few seconds of fame on the internet after all their invested time and money some of them may never make it from their acting in the theatre's to the TV regardless of their talent.

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