Tingling Pleasure Sensors With VR Sex Robots

VR has its implementations being used now and with every hour of the day it is going better. VR has a lot of potential and in future, VR might get implemented into robotics. This meltdown can create a total haywire kind of situation. In sexual applications, technology is still left on legacy levels and has not evolved since audio and visuals. Soon just like google glass and Segway’s have come together, robotics and VR will merge.

This merger surely will enhance productivity and accuracy but on a lighter note it would have its sexual applications. Second base, to say so is not that far. Company called The Real Doll has been making sexual dolls from late 90’s. Now they are updating tech in their dolls by making an AI head which can be replaced with a regular head of doll. Real Dolls’s CEO and founder Matt McMullen claims how this AI head will add emotions and feelings and it will not be just physical once the heads start to roll out. Oculus rift by Facebook is target compatibility standard of Realdoll’s AI head and in next two years these heads will be in the market along with compatibility to oculus rift. The heads will not be just standalone heads but they will also integrate with the whole body hence creating a homogenous effect like body postures and all.

A study done by Stanford university applied use of a robot. It asked scientists to touch it and they did. It sent a static current into pleasure centres of scientists and they were zapped. They were turned in by a mere robot because it artificially creates the desirability factor. In reality as we all know, robots are not desirable at all.

It’s not about just physical but also about psychological needs of humans. We need much more than physical connections and this VR applied robot technology might provide us soothing at intellectual levels. VR Robots are getting smarter day by day and in near future we can even see them complaining like humans do. It is gruesome and funny at the same time. Emotional attachment and domestication too might happen with your VR sex robot. Surely there will be a level of emotional attachment to robots the way they are sprawling and it would be normal in that era says Dr Julia carpenter in her interview.

There are a lot of speculations about how robotics and VR will mix up because there are a lot of constraints to pass before being comfortable with robots. VR is going to be successful only when a human touch is brought to robotics. Industry is ready to mint money of desperate single men with a lot of money. For now it’s not a clear picture how VR will help those guys get rid of their loneliness because there are much problems until now.

There are also more problems. Weather we will treat our VR slaves as appliances or will we treat them as humans. What will be the code of conduct? Any laws for that matter. All of this is in juvenilely right now as fully operational human like models are still in pipeline. Surely VR sex robots will not be cheap enough. They will cost a fortune and we don’t know yet who will buy such things at these kind of prices.

Also what will happen if they encounter a virus or a malfunction? How will home use safety be ensured? What about VR robots to look like humans? These are some hard hitting questions that need to be answered. We are not ready for mass production of Daryl Hannah right now.

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