Just Breathe & Don’t Buy Into Black Friday

This black Friday business has been a bit overwhelming hasn’t it?

I mean I’m having ads thrown in my face left right and centre.

Here’s my advice to you, to avoid buying things you don’t need.

These big brands seem to be getting more aggressive every year, so it’s more important now than ever to have a toolbox to help you avoid overwhelm.

Step away from the device:

Whether it be your tv, your phone or iPad, if you see an ad with bright red letters on it, its best to avoid it.

These ad’s are designed to make you impulse buy. Meaning they work on a part of your brain that heightens your dopamine (feel good hormone) & adrenaline.

Even though that click to buy button may feel good on those pair of half price socks that you don’t need, it won’t bring you real lasting joy.

Be honest with yourself:

Ask yourself these questions to get to the core of why you really are being tempted in to buying this product.

This isn’t about judging yourself or making yourself feel bad, quite the opposite. It’s about getting to know yourself a little better and getter clear on why you do what you do.

- Do I really need this?

- Is this going to enhance my overall wellbeing?

- Are all my needs being met?

- Am I trying to numb my emotional pain?

When you understand the answers to these questions, you start to make decisions from a more conscious and mindful state, rather than a stressed and dopamine fueled state.

Be kind to yourself

If you feel yourself being drawn into the frenzy fueled sales world, take a step back and go and do something loving just for you.

What brings you real lasting joy? Is it picking up a good book? Or listening to your favourite music? Or even having a nice bubble bath.

Take time out to nourish your soul, rather than feed your ego and you will feel so much more centered and at peace.

Meditate don’t ruminate

Instead of thinking “oh but what if this is the only time this deal will be on and I will end up loosing money when I really want to buy that pasta maker?” Go and meditate.

Those kinds of scarcity tactics like “don’t miss out” are a marketing ploy that makes you feel a whole lot of FOMO!

So, if that ad has sent your brain into overdrive and you’re freaking out, go and put some calming music on and spend some time in meditation.

Meditation doesn’t always have to be sitting on a cushion listening to Tibetan bowls. You can do some gardening or colour in a mandala or even go and cook something yummy.

Do what brings you peace and stay completely connected to the present moment as you do it.

Trust your gut

If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t buy it, don’t click it, don’t buy into the idea that your life will suck without this 60% off bargain.

Your intuition is your most trusted advisor so always listen to it and heed its wise advice.

Remember your intuition will always communicate in a loving a supportive way and your ego will try to bring you down by convincing you that you need things in your life to be happy.

Worthiness is your birthright

Far too often we buy things to fill a hole made by feeling unworthy of love. Because companies make us feel like if we buy that make up or those shoes that we’ll finally feel whole again.

Know this: that you are worthy of feeling love and no amount of ‘things’ can ever make you feel whole, because this love has to come from the inside.

So, next time an ad pops up and you’re feeling yourself drawn in, take some nice deep breaths, walk away and do something loving just for you. This will help you stay centered and conscious of all of your decisions in this festive season.