Cleo’s had a makeover! 🙆🏻

We redesigned Cleo from the ground up, with functionality and simplicity as the basis.

We have launched a new website, new dashboard and all new branding.

We designed this new visual identity with a few principles in mind, namely simplicity, clarity, and security.

Cleo is founded on the principle that personal finance should be accessible and easy to understand, for everyone.

Our website serves to answer all of the questions that may arise when it comes to an AI financial assistant (and we’re sure there are many).

From tips to help you find your credentials to detailed information on our security practises, we try to eliminate any confusion from visitors or prospective users.

Our Bank Connect Page

Our clean design allows us to communicate what Cleo can do in very simple terms. Simple finance should be simply presented.

Clarity and boldness features throughout this redesign because of the significance of the on-boarding process.

We wanted our communication to be clear and straightforward to ease the on-boarding for our users.

Moreover, the implementation of a Help Centre with a number of helpful articles that cover lots of aspects and questions to do with your account, safety, and how to get the best out of Cleo.

The Help Centre

On to Security; naturally a top priority for us and a top concern for our users. Joining Cleo isn’t as simple as signing up to a streaming service. Cleo users are providing sensitive banking details at the account connection stage, which can sometimes be slow and requires more thought than simply tapping in your email address and password.

Our objective with the new site and designs was to communicate more clearly the extensive security and privacy measures built in to Cleo.

Reassurance about data-protection and the was important to us, so we added a section in the Help Centre and further explained our commitment to security.

We also elaborated on our partnership with SaltEdge, and how we safely pull transactions. We added more detail into our encryption standards, and made it all very clear and easily accessible on our website.

Our Security Cards on the Homepage

Once signed in, the dashboard allows you to view your accounts in one place. You can see upcoming bills, compare months in the past and pore over your transactions and category spending.

Cleo’s web dashboard

We hope this new design and layout helps our users get a better grip over their finances and help more people save and budget effectively.

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