Cleo’s referral program 🎉

We’ll be giving away some awesome prizes.

We’ve just launched a kick-ass referral program! That means we’ll be giving out incredible prizes every two weeks.

All you have to do is open up Cleo in Messenger and say ‘Share,’ and follow the instructions.

You can follow your ranking by saying ‘Share,’ once your friends sign up and connect their accounts.

The top three referrers will get an awesome prize.

So get yourself in the top 3 by the 24th of March and win! 👯

For our first round (ends 24th March):

The Number 1 spot will get a Google Home 🎉🎉🎉

Second and third place will win an Amazon Dot 🙌

Terms & Conditions

Entrants must be Cleo users in order to take part and use their referral code.
The leaderboard will not reset after a winner is announced, but prizes may change.
Entrants may not financially incentivise third parties to use their referral code.
Please allow 14 days for delivery of the Prize. Cleo accepts no responsibility for the Prize being lost, damaged or delayed in the post.
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