Doors That I Like More Than The Band ‘The Doors’

An afternoon’s adventure in a place I did not mean to end up in.

I have absolutely no idea who or what this statue is of but it is the most ominously beautiful (and realistic) sculpture I have seen in Paris.

Since I’ve been in France, I’ve really wanted to see the grave of my favorite composer, Camille Saint-Saens, for no reason other than that I thought it would be quite funny to listen to Danse Macabre and walk around a cemetery. (My sense of humor is miserable). There are many cemeteries in Paris, but the three largest are Père Lachaise, Montparnasse, and Montmartre. I looked up the name of where Saint-Saens was buried and went on my way.

As my luck would have it, I accidentally went to the wrong cemetery, ending up in Montmartre when Saint-Saens is buried in Montparnasse. Well, I thought, at least Jim Morrison is buried here right? That may be cool to see… but I was also wrong. He’s buried in Père Lachaise.

So I just decided to wander around and take some photos although I have minimal artistic vision.

Here is a photo set that I have titled, “Doors That I Like Far More Than The Band ‘The Doors’ ”. Enjoy.

In short, Cimetière de Montmartre is pretty cool. It’s really impressive to walk on Rue Calaincourt and look over into the cemetery through heavily-graffitied metal barriers, and the cemetery is filled with cats, which is something that I can always appreciate. Here are some of my furry friends.

The one in the bottom right hand corner is a bit hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see him lurking.

The walk around the cemetery was beautiful, appropriately eerie, and oddly filled with life, between the moss that consumed each tomb and the amount of birds and cats wandering about. While it may have not been what I was looking for, it was what I needed.

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