Water Taxi

Part Three

The flight had rattled Selena, after several hours of, on and off, (more on than off) turbulence. The landing was rough, and the plane skidded to a stop unusually abruptly. Selena was extremely relieved when the cabin depressurized. The doors opened and everyone around her breathed a sigh of relief. It was morning in Tahiti and Selena still had several hours of travel in front of her. She was supposed to catch a taxi, to some kind of port where a boat taxi was supposed to take her out to a cluster of huts in the middle of the ocean, somewhere in Bora Bora. Making her way out of the plane, through the airport, and to the taxi waiting area was a slow go, but Selena made it out in one piece, complete with her suitcase, and her backpack. Standing on the curb, waiting for the next taxi, Selena took in her environment. Palm trees, sunshine, and the call of unfamiliar birds filled the humid air. The humidity was already starting to take a toll on Selena. Her blond hair was frizzy, her forehead glistening with sweat, and her shirt was now plastered to her back. She was not used to this humidity. Her home state Oregon provided a wonderful shade from the sun with the green canopy of giant trees and there was hardly any humidity there. There were more palm trees here than she had ever seen in her life! Birds were chirping and calling everywhere! So many different sounds, and views, and even smells than what she was used to at home. She could smell the ocean. So much ocean! Ocean everywhere…like in the videos she had watched online of this place. Reality did not disappoint. Out of the corner of her eye, Selena spotted a familiar profile. Headphones girl was standing in the middle of the sidewalk, fighting with a large map. Her ukulele case at her feet, along with what looked like three duffel bags. She must have felt Selena’s eyes on her because she stopped, looked up and locked eyes with Selena. A smile appeared on her face, and she kind of waved. Selena smiled back, and felt her cheeks get a little warm, and not from the 90 degree weather either. Headphones girl left her stack of duffel bags, and walked over to Selena. “Hey pretty lady, can you help me find something on this map?” she asked. Selena couldn’t help but notice the feminine softness of her voice. It was beautiful and she wanted to hear more. “Sure, I can try...” Selena tried her best to help her get a good grip on the large map in the wind that picked up. This was not an easy task, since the map was a solid three feet wide, and the wind was now causing her hair to whip her in the face, mainly the eyes. The map was covered in red lines, blue circles, and thicker green dashes. Some kind of trails or something maybe? It was kind of mess, and it made Selena giggle a little. “Okay, so I’m looking for this port…I think its called Tui…its supposed to be within walking distance of the airport…there’s a shuttle bus I think, that takes you to the water port…where the water taxi then takes you out the huts out on the water…” Selena’s heart skipped a beat. “That’s where I’m going!” she exclaimed, a little louder than she intended. Headphone’s girl laughed. “Really?!” she replied with just as much excitement. Selena nodded. “I was just going to take a taxi straight to the water port, instead of the shuttle bus. If you’d like to share a taxi I’d be okay with that” Headphone’s girl smiled, and ran off to get her bags throwing a quick “Yes!” over her shoulder. Selena followed her, and offered to take one of her bags, since…Headphone’s girl had four total, and Selena only had two. Headphones folded down the map, shoved it into one of the side pockets of the duffel bag, while Selena hailed down a taxi. Five minutes later they were on their way to the water port, and once there it was a quick trip from the taxi, straight onto a taxi boat. Two guys had came to their aid, and helped them lug all their bags into the boat. The boats engines came to life as soon as Selena sat down, next to Headphone’s girl and the boat took off out to sea. Selena couldn’t help but smile, and Headphone’s girl also had grin plastered on her face! The view’s were gorgeous, and Selena was glad to have somebody else going the same direction she was. The other folks on the boat were all older, and slightly less excited. She on the other hand couldn’t help but feel a little giddy. What were the chances that they were going to the same cluster of huts out in the ocean! She eyed her new companion, noticing the hint of perfume, that suited her oh so well, drifting towards her among all the other tropical smells. That’s when Selena realized, she didn’t know her name! In the commotion of it all she forgot to ask, and Headphone’s girl must have been too flustered and spaced a proper introduction…so Selena decided to just ask her later. Instead she leaned back, and relaxed for the first time.. .. .

To be continued..

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