I’ve never really desired to be “highly successful” by traditional standards. I don’t aspire to be an executive or own a fancy car. I just want to simply be and be good at it. My professional goals are watered down at best and I can honestly say that I’m not losing sleep over it No, this isn’t a cop out and no, this isn’t a waste of my potential. This is me simply choosing to be happy the only way I know how — by not being a slave to the dolla dolla bills or the nine to five. Of course, money is an essential and as a human I instinctively always want more of it but, and here’s a crazy thought, what if I learned not to?

Buddha says that wanting and craving causes us suffering. Well, when you’re a slave to a job you hate and you work yourself to misery to get a raise that ends up equating to $50 extra a paycheck I’d say his theory holds pretty true. More money is usually always served as a side dish to a large plate of stress, and in my opinion nothing in this world is worth more stress. We are masochists in the name of money and we don’t even realize it.

I know what you’re thinking right now — go home hippie, you’re drunk — but, let me be clear. I’m not saying don’t strive for success and I’m definitely not saying that money is arbitrary. What I am trying to say is really simple. Don’t sacrifice the adventure for money and success because in the end it’s all about what you did not what you had.

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