Best Hospitals for Heart Valve Replacement in India welcoming a huge chunk of Medical Tourists


Over the years, Heart Valve surgery has gained immense popularity as patients who have undergone this surgery have gained immense relief. In valve disorders, the valve either doesn’t open or shut aptly resulting in hindrance in proper blood flow to the heart, creating a lot of pressure.

The replaced valve relieves the patient from the very burdening symptoms that develop with a damaged valve, including:

· Chest pain

· Breathlessness

· Fainting spells

What is Valve Replacement Surgery India?

A Valve Replacement procedure is a Cardiac surgery in which a defective or malfunctioning valve is replaced with a mechanical or a prosthetic valve that is made up of synthetic components.

The patients, who have:

· A narrowed valve (Valve Stenosis) or a valve leakage (Valve Regurgitation)

· Another Heart condition for which they have been recommended an Open-Heart surgery, the damaged valve will be replaced during the same procedure

· A severely damaged Heart Valve owing to Endocarditis that is infection of the Heart Valve

· Endocarditis but cannot withstand antibiotics

· A prosthetic Heart Valve already but it is damaged or leaking because of recurring infection or blood clots in the Heart Valve

Types and procedure of Valve replacement surgery

The Types of valves used for Valve Replacement, include:

· Mechanical Valve — These valves are long-lasting and mostly one surgery is required. But there is a risk of blood clots developing with these valves. Owing to this, the patients need to take anti-coagulant medications throughout their lives

· Homograft — Also known as Allograft, is a human valve received from a donor. This kind of valve is particularly fruitful for children and pregnant women, because the patients don’t need anti-coagulant medicines for a long time. It also keeps the functioning of the surrounding structures as normal as possible and also offers brilliant haemodynamic performance.

· Tissue Valves — These valves are mostly made from animal tissues, either animal pericardial tissue or heart valve tissue. The tissue is also treated to avoid calcification and rejection.

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After anaesthesia is administered, the patient is connected to a ventilator and a Heart-lung Bypass machine, to help with breathing. Then an incision is made across the chest and the sternum is separated to expose the heart. The Heart is stopped to handle this highly intricate surgery. Then the damaged valve is removed, and the fresh valve is positioned. Once the process in done, the blood circulation is restored. The surgeon is checks if the heart is beating properly and the patient is taken off the Heart-lung Bypass machine. The sternum is then sewn back, and the incision is closed with the help of surgical staples or sutures.

Best Hospitals for Valve Replacement Surgery India

The best hospitals for Heart Valve Replacement in India take pride as these are home to the most progressive and state-of-the-art equipment related to Cardiac surgeries. Each and every Heart procedure is handled with utmost ease and confidence by the surgeons here, who have the top qualifications and a very decorated career spanning over many years. These surgeons have made Valve Replacement Surgery India one of the most successful Cardiac procedures for not only Indian but also numerous international patients.

Hospitals like Medanta — the Medicity, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Artemis, Apollo, Wockhardt and many centres of excellence like these have placed India at a very reputed position, as a Medical Tourism hub. Furthermore, with low cost Valve Replacement Surgery India possible at these hospitals, these make it all the more rewarding for the patients.

Benefits of Valve Replacement Surgery India

The benefits of Valve Replacement Surgery India have made it a very effectual procedure.

The benefits of this procedure, include:

· Prolonged life

· The associated symptoms are reduced to a huge extent

· Much improved Heart condition and thus enhanced quality of life

· The use of very advanced techniques and surgical equipment makes it very safe

Cost of Valve Replacement Surgery India

As a Medical Tourism destination, India has a unique feature of having the lowest treatment and surgery packages. The most complex and advanced procedures can be very burdening on the pockets but not in India. Similarly, Cardiac procedures like Valve Replacement procedure too are very comfortably priced. Thus, patients get low cost Valve Replacement Surgery India; it is priced at $1,70,000 in USA, while the same costs $5,500 in India.

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