Consumers must pay Rs 450 to Rs 480 for one kilo of longans. 50% of the longans have not flowered this year and much of the fruit has been devastated by bats.Kreepalloo Sunghoon, secretary of the Small Planters’ Association, points the finger at climate. “Several trees flourished well in advance, but the flowers did not resist,” he says. Longan trees normally bloom in October. He explains that another decisive factor in this drop in production is the current drought. He believes that the longan season will last until February 20th.According to the leader of the Small Planters’ Association, there is no longan orchard in Mauritius. Trees are mainly found in backyards and are rarely watered, pruned or treated with fertilizers. He explains that it is only now that planters have planted new varieties of longan and that they must wait years before they can taste their fruits.






Hi I am Allyson Mayra lives in USA.I want to trend news about Mauritius..

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Allyson Mayra

Allyson Mayra

Hi I am Allyson Mayra lives in USA.I want to trend news about Mauritius..

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