Day 7: Sacred Home

I got to visit a very special place today.

LMU’s Sacred Heart Chapel will always be home to me. No matter how long it’s been since I’ve wandered these halls, this place — Your holy dwelling — will always remain the same. And I’ve changed quite a bit since first stepping in here six years ago… fast forward through four years of orientations, special occasions, meetings, Filipino club practices, escapes between classes, late night visits, Sunday masses sitting in the pews with all my friends. Now it’s been almost two years since I’ve graduated from this place, and my, so much is different now. But this place, this Sacred chapel, will always feel like home. It’s amazing how a place that holds so many memories can still feel the same, no matter how long it’s been. Today, God shows me His love and mercy in bringing me here, in His house. He brings me home.

Where is home for you?