Educating users by giving non-biased Political news before they make it to the voting both.

For a 2 week project during my post graduate education at General Assembly, my team of concept designers and I focused on creating a platform that would encourage users between the ages of 18–35 to get more involved in politics. We wanted to give users an app that would provide unbiased facts on political issues and a way to get them more educated on what is really happening on the political front, in and beyond their community.


Create an intuitive user experience that engages users to make informed decisions in regards to politics. We created this mobile app concept because we were personally feeling frustrated with the 2016 Presidential elections and how they were being portrayed in the media. Through our research we found that we weren’t alone in the way we felt. VoteMe is an app that will allow users to view content to be able to make informed decisions in regards to Presidential candidates, Senators, Propositions, and Community elected officials


My role as a research designer was to find out if any other apps on the market were solving these problems and if so why aren’t more people interested in these platforms. I worked in a team of 3 and we divided the project equally and worked on each phase together.

Model 1 C&C: Comparative Analysis
Model 2 C&C: Competitive Analysis

Comparative and Competitive analysis

From the research we did, we discovered that many of the apps that help users with educating themselves about politics and voting had more cons than pros. We wanted to make sure that we showcased our research in two different models, one model focusing on the competitors features, and the second model outlining the weaknesses and strengths of our competitors. Through the two competitive and comparative models above, we were able to come up with a user persona, problem statement, and solution statement.

Problem: Tracy is ready to make his/her voice heard in this year’s election by making informed votes. However, the lack of organized unbiased information regarding candidate’s leaves her confused, and discouraged to vote in the future.

Solution: Design an unbiased mobile app that helps users make informed voting decisions by grouping information regarding all the elections relevant to your location, including briefs on candidates and propositions.

Meet Skeptical Tracy

During the research phase of our project, we created surveys and got to know the demographic we would be targeting. We wanted to have our persona represent all of our users, male and female, so we decided that Tracy would be gender neutral.

The survey above provides results concluding that users belonged to a certain age demographic (18–35) and what source they use to educate themselves about candidate and propositions.
Persona profile

We should be able to vote with the knowledge and confidence t, without that we are just ignorantly

Iterations & Wireframe

It took my team and I a couple of days to go over which iterations would be created into wireframes, but through user testing and card sorting we decided that the home page, candidates page, selected candidate page, and selected issue within the candidate page would be wireframed with Sketch and Adobe Illustrator.

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