Exercise 10.3

Name: Subaru

Advertisement: Dog’s Driving Car (skip to 37 seconds in video)

  1. What visual effects are used to define location?

The first visual indication of location is the winding, mountainous road shown as the car of dogs pulls up. The snow is also a key factor that makes it clear they are pulling up to a ski mountain.

2. What sound effects are used to define action?

Sound of car driving, snow/wind blowing

3. What type of format is used?

4. Write a brief synopsis of the ad (three or four sentences at most).

This Subaru commercial features a car full of dogs spending a day skiing. One dog is shown skiing, another making a snow angel, another attempting the steepest level on the mountain. One dog eventually gets left behind as they pile back into the car. The commercial is part of a series to promote dog safety and accommodation in their vehicles.

5. What is the target market of the ad?

  • Outdoorsy/adventurous people
  • Dog/pet owners

6. What benefits are offered by the ad?

  • The size of the model of Subaru being shown
  • Adventurous lifestyle
  • Pet friendly vehicle

7. Is there a call to action in the add?

Not directly, as the commercial doesn’t have any speaking. It promotes the lifestyle of owning a Subaru and its pet friendly component over the price, make or model of the specific car being shown.

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