Our 11th Anniversary 🥂

❤️ 結婚11週年紀念日 ❤️

10-day dating then cross-country to live together, we’ve bulit a life, the life would be missing more than half without each of us. We are much better together because we are a really good team, and teamwork is everything in a marriage. I think I am a happy person, I have a sweet husband and a good life, if things worked out different, I don’t know if things would be as good as they are now. In these past 11-year we have been travelled and lived in quite a few cities around the world, cheers to these 4,015 days of brilliant memory and looking forward to more fabulous adventures to come. Happy wife, happy life. 🎈

11年前在LAX機場等我搬去一起生活的路上, 他邊開車邊開宗明義: 在這裡要學會獨立, 對的事自己立爭到底絕不能被別人欺負; 搬去橫浜頭兩個月語言文化適應不良, 他告訴我做自己, 妳就是妳不需要迎合任何人, 自己開心最重要;搬來倫敦也有要面對的衝擊, 每ㄧ次跨國跨洲搬家就是一次歸零重新開始. 離開熟悉的朋友與舒適圈一次次打破重來不容易, 彈性適應不同文化不同挑戰後必有更大的樂趣迎接… 一直喜歡單獨行動, 他比我獨立性更強, 用心玩, 認真做自己擅長的事並努力做到更好。10天交往決定一起生活, 當時他剛畢業, 我們倆手上都沒多餘經費, 拍照送餅宴客任何儀式都沒有, 也沒妨礙往後婚姻品質。人一生住哪都會遇上困難, 跟誰在一起生活也沒法保證生命就此一帆風順, 更不會因為嫁給誰就逃的過該來的課題, 可是選對伴一定可以減少不必要的麻煩。人生像衝浪 浪來蹲低, 彼此是對方隨時加油打氣的拉拉隊, 一起行動減少風阻, 遇到檸檬也同心協力擠成檸檬汁連籽套水喝下去~ 結婚11週年,你老婆很開心,你的人生就不會太差~ 敬我最親愛的人生旅伴!🍷🍷

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