Lamb-katsu 🐑🇬🇧🇯🇵

Piper’s juicy lamb chops turning out to be crunchy lambkatsu, overall prepare time would be less than 30 mins, literally one of the best quick weekday meal at home 🐑

Lambkatsu is absolutely another great mixer of British in season ingredient + Japanese simple yet delicious cooking method




Salmon en Croûte 🐟 🇫🇷

Famous French-style cuisine as well as British classic party main dish —

Flaky salmon is wrapped in buttery puff pastry with a layer of creamy cucumber + mascarpone cheese for the ultimate dish to impress home eaters, the key is don’t overbake your salmon, mine would be 160C +fan to bake like 30–40 mins depends upon the size of your salmon pie.

Bon appetite!! 🥂



Japanese-style sandwich Wanpaku 🥪 🇯🇵

“Wanpaku Sando” or

「Wanpaku Sandwich」

a new trend (few years already?)

of Japanese-style huge and colorful sandwiches created in Japan, if you like crunchy texture loaded with all kinds of veggies like me, you will definitely love this kind of homemade sandwich ❤️

Thank you #JustOneCookbook &

and my very talented Instagram friend #tromboneimai 💋

what I need to do is practice, practice, and practice… for about how to wrap them up more beautifully 😄

more info you can also check out with




Crisp Pork belly — 脆皮豬

Crispy pork belly with Viet-style sweet chili vinegar sauce. The secret to great pork crackling is pricking the skin all over, salting it and leaving it to dry uncovered in the fridge at least overnight, high temperature, say, 230C roast in the first 20-min and then lower down to 160C for another 2–3 hrs. End of story.

Note: I am lucky enough to be able to order Saddleback pork online from Piper’s Farm which’s located in Devon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, to deliver to our front door, Piper’s free-range pork belly is absolutely the best I have ever tried in my life, no need to wait for a night of marinate, just follow their website’s super duper simple instruction, so amazingly easy to get OH-MY-GOD insanely crispy meaty heaven after 2–3 hrs slow roast. ❤️💋👍



Ultimate quiche Lorraine

followed by BBC good food recipe —

The key to making a perfect quiche is simplicity, I like to mix British extra mature Cheddar + Swiss Gruyère cheese, double cheesy equal to double delicious ^^

“Cooking is about making yourself something to eat and sharing food with others but is also about the quiet moments of joy to be had along the way. Watching the progress of dinner as you stir onions in a pan, at the first crisp, white and pungent — you may have shed a tear — then slowly becoming translucent gold, darkening to bronze, all the time becoming softer, sweeter…”

— Nigel Slater

鹹派是法式食物,在台灣和英國都吃過唉-唉不怎樣的派,連我家附近標榜法式甜點店的鹹派也只是普普 🤯. 問題出在起士用的不夠好,導致香味不足。如果對起士有興趣,推薦一本日本小書早已被翻譯成中文,是簡單的好入門。台北市我知道的是微風南山的地下超市有一定的起士選擇,雖然價格跟英國法國比起來相當的 🤯🤯🤯 ~ 可是沒辦法,誰叫起士也是舶來品呢?🤷🏻‍♀️ 有機會來英國法國多吃一點嘿,太划算了啊 😄




Fatty Lamb/ Mutton Pilau

Autumn is absolute British lamb season, and lamb rib is a cut especially quite fatty, well but it’s no secret that I do love fatty meat!! 😅… besides BBQ lamb ribs, Lamb Pilau is also an easily-made one-pot home food : )

抓飯, aka手抓飯, 是中亞族群的標誌性食物. 抓飯在西亞、中亞、北印度被稱為pilav, pilau…等, 皆源自梵文pulāka, 指米飯粉粒分明的樣貌.

維吾爾抓飯稱為ﭘﻮﻟﯘ‎ 主要原料有洋蔥、羊肉、胡蘿蔔、米、鹽…

羊肉手抓飯大體製作方法:在鍋中放入炒菜量2~3倍的植物油加熱 (我遵循當時在新疆山上時當地人的做法,直接用羊油丁) 放入洋蔥絲翻炒, 再放入羊肉丁煸炒, 炒至羊肉變色時放入胡蘿蔔, 將米倒入再加高湯+調味 (迷迭香, 孜然, 黑胡椒, 和海鹽… 拜託就是別使用醬油, 這樣太漢人味了~🤣)然後用小火慢悶而成, 異常簡單製作風味卻也異常好吃, 因為吃的是當令肥羊的鮮與甜. 秋冬有空在家不妨一試 : )



Crocchette di patate /

Potato Shrimp Croquettes 🥔 🦐 🇮🇹 🇯🇵

These Italian-Japanese mixed style. potato croquettes are stuffed with fresh mozzarella + Swiss gruyère cheese, sautéed shrimp + sweet onion, they are lovely and crispy on the outside, and the inside is soft sweet and creamy.

It’s a labor of love that will make other people love you, at this moment, I love myself very much!! 🥰



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