College Concerns

“What worries you about being a college student?”

A family member asked me this the other day actually, and I really did not know how to respond, because when this is asked, so many different things rush through my mind. One of these would be, the workload for sure. Throughout my grade school as well as high school years, teachers that were tough, simply said that they were that way, because they were preparing us for college professors. Now, when you simply weight a test and not give homework to cushion your grade from a bad test, this puts fear in you. You fear that college professors will be merciless, that there will be no late work, you have to take notes at an inhuman pace, and that your entire life will revolve around a book, you begin to dread the idea of even attempting college. Let’s face it, we think high school was hard, up until you begin writing a paper after each and every class that you take in one day.

The second thing that concerns me about college, is finding the balance between school, work, family, and friends, as well as personal time to myself. I have found out already how difficult it is to make this balance. I am writing this on a Sunday, before I go to the BMX track for my personal time with friends. The Friday before, however, since the high school did not have school, and I did not have college courses, I used that day to work, for the entire day. Then, I went home and did college work after eating with my family. This is a simple weekend, the most complex weekends have yet to come since midterms and finals will be coming in the near future. One of the best parts of this, is that the family aspect is one of the easiest to keep up with, mainly because since the University is right down the road, I am able to simply just live at our house, so I do not have to go through the struggles of moving onto campus, and living on campus.

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