Election 2016

The election of 2016, where does one start? It is as everyone else is saying, which is simply a mess, and a nightmare. I believe that the outcome, is what has been expected.

I believe that either candidate was qualified to be put into the oval office, due to either behavior, or past mistakes they have made, but everyone has made a mistake once or twice in their lives. The real question is, the motive, whether it being to hide emails, or file for bankruptcy, is to negatively effect our country.

A person is allowed to have their views, or opinions upon any topic they please, because they have that right. When the American people do not agree with one thing they say or believe in, they turn against them. In reality however, they must realize that there will never be someone that is perfectly qualified to be put in the oval office, mainly because in order to be perfect, they would have to conform their beliefs to each person of America, which is merely impossible.

Like I said, I feel that the outcome came as expected, the next question we must ask, is what now? We have heard what they think about some topics, and their alleged plans for the United States, but what will be put into action?

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