Week 2: Why Not Become Catholic?
Joshua de Gastyne

Dear Joshua,

Although I am sure this was not your intention, you have misrepresented my opinions and also used my image without permission. Additionally, none of the conversation was had during an “ardent group discussion in a hot tub.” Such an description inappropriately could be construed as a questioning of my own reputation. Please forgive me for intruding on your blog, but you have not replied to my emails politely asking for you to remove both my name and picture. For your readers and yourself, here is the excerpt I wrote of the email, to which you refer, from our conversation of Catholicism and Protestants on October 11, 2015:

“Apart from Tozer, Lewis, and Chambers, I greatly respect Ravi Zacharias, and have included a short video of his that you might consider watching — its title does not reflect my views as a disclaimer. Additionally, I have attached an article written by a former RCC priest.

Please do not feel that this is intended to provoke antagonism, but as the last sentence of the article says, “These Biblical truths are offered in a spirit of true Christian love. We ask you to consider them objectively so that with the Psalmist you can declare, “I have chosen the way of truth” (Psalm 118:30).”

I have a great respect for Catholic teachings and those who follow the Catholic traditions. Granted, I may not agree with every doctrine, yet I believe such disagreements ought to be addressed with love, the Bible, and an intellectual curiosity.

Please be cautious with the use of paraphrase and the inclusion of a person’s photograph — it is a common courtesy, at minimum, to inform the other that you will be using his/her likeness and opinion.



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