Dear Soldier,

A Love Letter to Everyone Fighting Cancer

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Source: Geneng News

You see my friend,

It’s so easy for me to tell you to fight, when I’m in the audience,

I’m cheering you on from my place of safety and inexperience.

You’re at the center of a ring, in an unfair fight,

where your opponent’s only strategy is to get under your skin and bite

I cannot tell you when to shoot, or when to shield

I cannot tell you when to break, or when to build

I cannot tell you this is a test and this too shall pass

I cannot tell you to be happy that you were chosen for this task

But I will be here when you’re low and you get weak

I’ll be your voice when it’s too hard to speak

And on the days when you look down and you see your scars

Or count your flaws like you count the stars,

please remember,

I may not be with you there,

but I will always listen

and I will always care.

Written by

Graduate Architect, Designer, Entrepreneur & part time Time Traveler

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