The Secret of a Good Logo Design

Considering the immense amount of logos out there these days, it has undoubtedly become challenge for logo designers to have their logo designs stand out from the rest. Being unique just doesn’t cut it these days; a good logo design needs to have that zing factor, the secret sauce, the element of surprise to make it impactful enough for the decades to come. Here are a few tips that might help logo designers in achieving a good logo design.


Keeping a logo as simple as you can helps the viewer to remember you brand for longer.

This doesn’t mean it has to be boring; you can still be unique while being simple.

Think about it on a highway billboard, the viewers only get less than a couple of seconds to identify and recognize your logo. Being simple is the safest bet to leave a long lasting impact on your audience.


Trends are changing faster than ever before and it becomes very hard for logo designers to design a logo that leaves a timeless impact on the customer. However, we have great examples like Coca-Cola and Apple to learn from. These logos are definitely here to stay and designers should study the reasons for their design success.

Designing your logo based on current trends will leave it looking dated and slightly amateur, especially as it ages.

To some extent, designers should overlook the current trends and think more of. Typography is also subject to trends, so keep that in mind when pick out fonts.


Logos are usually used on multiple platforms these days like websites, business cards, billboards and mobile apps. A successful logo these days needs to be versatile enough to easily be used on the most up to date platforms without any problems.

A well thought out logo should easily be printed materials like business cards and signs, as well as various digital platforms like websites and mobile devices.


A successful logo designer is the one who makes researching their brand their first priority before even thinking about the design. A good logo design always focuses on representing the brand in the best way possible. This helps the customers to easily identify the brand from an ocean of competitors. Logo designers should always study the brand that they are designing for. Know what their mission is and what type of market is the brand setting out to target.

Originally published at OctaLogo

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