Let Them Fucking Die
Son of Baldwin

This man is what I have come to know as a douchebag. To be in a position as a teacher, and spew hate is very unatural and sick, prejidice is sick enough, but to condem and wish hurt and violence is an indication of an illness that needs to be treated. I intend on offer compliants to the school and see to it you are reomved. You, Madonna, the Mianstream media (that is loosing it’s very reason to keep on the air) having lost any respect by over 60 million plus indiviuals, I suspect the number is higher. All you reach are uneducated, ignonorant people who continue to think that this is real, like you are delusional. This is the cause of division unable to accept the way things turned out. Hillary, Bill the former AG are on the way to jail. Voilence must be disavowed by all. Act more like a adult in a position of respect, and carries great burdon to intruct correty, not push political views on students.

Perhaps you would do well to read the recent news, that the DOJ knows DHS did wrong, America will flip out when they discover they have been lied to for many years. And where will you stand then?

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