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Discover the music through a live concert and thanks to the Internet and different platforms, we can live it directly and remotely. I speak about music you won’t never find on anybody’s playlist today, neither tomorrow and following days. I mean Live, not Lives, No VOD but RDV.

Line-up Paris Time

So many very interesting and very different kind of performances today, I’m so excited! 5 concerts at 20H, ready for the Mix with streamlives?

19H10 in live from Paris / Les inRocKs Philips Festival Day n°3


20H in live from Chicago

20H to Seattle for the most curiousechonautes”

20H another Live, but from Amsterdam

20H Dancing in live from Cracow /Poland

20H50 Go to Berlin, Opera is a magic experience even at home

20H55 Return to Paris

22H05 Stay in Paris

23H Return to Chicago with Audiotree Live Studio

24H in live from Washington

Good trip in Live Land!

And welcome in http://echo-in-land.strikingly.com/

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