Solar Companies in Delaware

7 min readOct 26, 2023


A significant increase in Delaware’s residential and commercial solar energy use may be attributed to the vast array of advantages solar energy offers. In recent years, solar energy has gained popularity quickly in the state due to its low cost, growing awareness of environmental problems, and appealing government schemes.

Incentives and policies pertaining to clean energy in Delaware include the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), the Delaware Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), and the Green Energy Program. Since solar power may reduce hazardous pollutants and lower monthly energy bills for homes, these initiatives have prepared the path for its increased adoption. Just as beneficial to small houses in Delaware is solar power, which may result in financial savings and sustainable energy solutions.

Opting for the right solar company to partner with is becoming more crucial as Delaware’s solar industry expands. Listed below are a few of the state’s leading solar companies in Delaware to assist companies and residents in making knowledge-based choices. From modest rooftop installations to substantial commercial projects, there are several trustworthy Delaware solar companies that may meet your needs for green energy. Join us as we explore the top solar companies in the Garden State that are significantly improving the environment.

How Common and Well-Known Is Solar Energy Usage in Delaware?

With rising knowledge and popularity among its citizens, Delaware has been a shining example of the use of solar energy in recent years. A good environment for the production of solar electricity is provided by the state’s advantageous East Coast position. Delaware is a good place for solar systems since it has around 200 sunny days on average each year.

The advantages of solar energy for the environment and economy are well known among Delawareans. The development of solar power has been greatly aided by the state government’s commitment to sustainable energy, which includes its strict Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). To encourage the switch to solar power, Delaware’s RPS requires utilities to get a specific portion of their energy from renewable sources.

In addition, a number of financial incentives have helped solar power gain popularity among companies and homes. Solar systems may lower initial expenses by making use of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which offers a 26% tax credit. Delaware further provides financial incentives for home solar systems via the Green Energy Program.

Beyond only being financially advantageous, solar energy is quite popular. Because Delawareans are becoming more ecologically sensitive, solar energy is consistent with their desire to leave fewer carbon imprints. Installing solar panels helps create a more sustainable future in addition to lowering power costs.

The growing number of solar installations around the state serves as a good indicator of the trend’s popularity. Nowadays, Delaware is home to a large number of business and residential rooftop solar installations. Delawareans’ increasing interest in solar energy has resulted in a spike in demand for the services provided by solar enterprises.

In conclusion, the state and federal incentives, an increasing dedication to sustainability, and Delaware’s abundance of sunlight have made the state’s solar energy landscape well-known and well-liked among its citizens. The growing number of solar installations around the state and the advantages they provide to both people and companies in terms of the environment and economy demonstrate the state’s acceptance of solar power.

How to Choose Delaware’s Finest Solar Companies

Picking the best solar business in Delaware is crucial when thinking about installing solar power. Here are eight essential considerations to help you decide wisely:

  • Reputation: research the solar company’s reputation since it matters. To assess their track record, read client testimonials and get recommendations.
  • Licenses and certifications: verify that the business has the required licenses, insurance, and certifications (such as NABCEP) to guarantee high-quality work.
  • Experience: prioritize businesses with a significant track record and expertise in solar installation since experience counts.
  • Regional expertise: select businesses with local knowledge to ensure a more seamless installation. These businesses are acquainted with Delaware’s rules and permitting procedures.
  • Cost transparency: to ascertain the actual cost, get comprehensive quotations, including labor, equipment, and warranties.
  • Solar panel quality: find out which manufacturers they carry and what kind of dependability guarantees they give.
  • Financing possibilities: to make solar energy more affordable, find out whether the firm offers financing or leasing alternatives.
  • Warranty and assistance: recognize the guarantees provided for the equipment and the craftsmanship, and find out about any assistance available after installation.

By taking these things into account, you can pick the top solar business in Delaware with confidence, achieving your renewable energy targets and reaping the long-term rewards of solar energy.

Delaware’s Top Solar Panel Installers

1. Paradise Energy Solutions

Set the standard for quality and innovation among Delaware’s solar installers, Paradise Energy Solutions stands apart. Its specialty is offering contemporary solar panel solutions to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. Paradise Energy Solutions is well-recognized in the area.

Being committed to offering Delaware residents affordable solar panels without sacrificing quality makes Paradise Energy Solutions stand out. Knowing the value of Delaware solar incentives, it collaborates closely with customers to optimize its tax credit and rebate eligibility and guarantees a quick return on investment.

Offering reliable solar systems and top-notch customer support, it is highly recommended for Delawareans looking for sustainable energy options. Offering leadership in the Delaware solar industry, Paradise Energy Solutions is a perfect example.

2. Clean Energy USA

As one of the top Delaware solar installers, Clean Energy USA has done a great deal to advance solar energy in the area. Its area of expertise is offering both business and residential clients complete solar systems.

Clean Energy USA provides customized solar power systems that optimize energy efficiency and savings, and its dedication to sustainability is in line with Delaware’s solar program aims. For those looking for dependable and ecologically friendly solar installations in Delaware, Clean Energy USA is a great option because of its established track record and dedication to eco-friendly energy solutions.

3. SunPower

Renowned for its cutting-edge solar products, SunPower is well-known in Delaware’s solar industry. It is now among Delaware’s top suppliers of solar energy systems, offering both complete and highly efficient models.

You can get solar equipment for homes and businesses with SunPower. SunPower’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the objectives of Delaware’s solar program. Searching Delaware for trustworthy and efficient solar power solutions? A respectable business with a strong track record of success and innovation is SunPower.

4. SunnyMac

SunnyMac, as one of Delaware’s top solar enterprises, is a reliable option for solar panels. Offering high-quality goods and services, it puts the needs of its clients first and makes solar installations in Delaware worthwhile.

With the goal of helping customers optimize its advantages, SunnyMac is aware of the significance of Delaware solar panel incentives. Residential and commercial customers may invest wisely in solar power and help to create a sustainable future for Delaware thanks to its dedication to energy efficiency and affordability.

5. Solar Energy World

Acknowledged as one of Delaware’s leading solar enterprises, Solar Energy World thrives in providing superior solar panels in Delaware. Solar Energy World’s emphasis on offering green energy solutions demonstrates its dedication to sustainability.

Solar Energy World helps clients realize the return on their solar investments by answering the question, “Are solar panels worth it in Delaware?” It assists customers in navigating the procedure to get financial advantages while adopting renewable energy, contributing to a better environment. It is knowledgeable about Delaware’s solar panel incentives.

In Summary

In conclusion, Delaware residents and businesses are using more solar energy. Due to its cost-effectiveness, environmental benefits, and government incentives, solar energy has grown.

Through initiatives like the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Delaware Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), and Green Energy Program, Delaware has promoted solar power usage. These measures minimize pollution and cut family energy expenditures.

Due to its 200 sunny days per year, Delaware is a great place to deploy solar energy. Delawareans’ environmental awareness is growing, supporting the state’s sustainability efforts.

Solar installations in Delaware are growing, proving its appeal. Home rooftop systems and large-scale commercial installations have increased. As more Delawareans and businesses embrace renewable energy, demand for solar services from trustworthy solar firms has increased.

This tendency may be maximized by hiring the best Delaware solar panel installation provider. The company’s reputation, license and certification, expertise, local knowledge, clear pricing, solar panel quality, financing choices, and post-installation assistance should influence this selection. By carefully evaluating these variables, households and businesses may choose a solar firm that meets their needs and optimizes solar energy advantages.

Delaware’s solar sector has grown due to ideal weather, financial incentives, and environmental consciousness. Selecting the appropriate solar business is vital for individuals wishing to invest in renewable energy and help Delaware become cleaner and more sustainable as the state embraces solar power.