Solar Companies in Illinois

7 min readOct 27, 2023


Illinois is becoming a pioneer in solar energy adoption, with more households and companies using the sun to create clean electricity. Recently upgraded solar technology has put Illinois at the forefront of this sustainable energy revolution. Top solar businesses are flocking to Illinois due to ample sunlight and soaring conventional energy bills. How do you choose the best of the top solar companies in Illinois?

Illinois’ dedication to sustainability and rising demand for renewable energy make it an attractive solar power location. Cost, efficiency, and environmental effects influence solar panel choice. To make an educated selection, you must comprehend Illinois’s solar sector, solar panels’ pros and cons, their economic feasibility, and the state’s leading solar enterprises. Join us as we explore Illinois’ solar potential and introduce you to top solar suppliers.

The Solar Situation in Illinois

Illinois, known as the ‘Land of Lincoln,’ is not only steeped in history but is also forging ahead in solar power innovation. The state is great for solar energy due to its abundant sunlight. Illinois has seen a rise in solar panel installations, showing a rising interest in renewable energy.

Prospective Illinois solar panel purchasers typically question solar panel cost-effectiveness as solar energy interest grows. The answer depends on the state climate, energy landscape, and economy. Businesses and individuals in the Prairie State must study and analyze various criteria to decide whether solar panels are a good investment.

The Prairie State’s solar panel options depend on energy use, geography, and long-term financial objectives. Let’s explore Illinois solar panel benefits:


  1. Abundant Sunshine: Illinois receives a substantial amount of sunlight throughout the year, making it an excellent location for solar power generation.
  2. Environmental Benefits: Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.
  3. Incentives: Both federal and state governments provide incentives and rebates that can significantly reduce the initial installation costs of solar panels.

Illinois Solar Incentives in 2023

Illinois will continue to provide solar energy subsidies in 2023. These incentives are designed to make solar systems more affordable for homeowners and businesses. Important Illinois solar incentives:

  • Illinois Solar Program: The Illinois Solar Program provides rebates and incentives to encourage solar energy. Solar power is easy to invest in for homeowners and companies with this scheme.
  • Federal Tax Credits: Federal tax subsidies reduce solar panel installation costs for Illinois residents. These rebates may considerably reduce solar installation costs.
  • Net Metering: Illinois permits solar panel owners to get credits for surplus energy sent back into the grid. This boosts solar power’s economic advantages.

Best Solar Companies in Illinois

Now that we’ve explored the incentives let’s introduce you to some of the best solar panel companies in Illinois that can help you make the most of these benefits:

ADT Solar

ADT Solar is a major Illinois solar company. For over two decades, ADT Solar has been a trusted source of solar solutions for home and business clients. ADT Solar’s successful installations demonstrate its dedication to quality and client happiness.

Customization is ADT Solar’s strength. The firm does in-depth energy evaluations for each client to design solar systems to energy objectives. Its customized solutions enhance energy production and save money over time.

ADT Solar uses cutting-edge technologies and leading solar panel manufacturers to ensure installation durability and performance. ADT Solar is a dependable solar solution provider in Illinois because its dedication to excellence matches the state’s environmental objectives.


The worldwide solar energy company SunPower has had a major influence on Illinois. High-efficiency solar panels and unique solar solutions are the company’s specialty. SunPower, a major player in the state, provides cutting-edge solar systems that maximize energy output.

Sustainable dedication is one of SunPower’s hallmarks. The firm matches Illinois’s expanding need for clean and renewable energy. Illinois households and businesses seeking long-term, high-performance solar solutions can choose SunPower’s solar panels, which are industry-leading in efficiency and durability.

SunPower’s commitment to cutting-edge technology guarantees consumers benefit from these solar energy advances, reinforcing its Illinois solar market leadership.

Blue Raven Solar

In Illinois, Blue Raven Solar has become a leading solar solutions supplier that makes solar energy affordable for homes. Transparency is emphasized, with simple pricing and flexible financing choices for all budgets.

Personalized solutions distinguish Blue Raven Solar. After rigorous energy studies, the company’s experts create solar systems that fit each customer’s energy demands and aspirations. This offers maximum energy savings and carbon reduction for households.

Blue Raven Solar’s aim of environmental responsibility closely matches Illinois’s sustainability efforts. Positive client ratings and industry recognition demonstrate the company’s quality and efficiency.

StraightUp Solar

Quality installations and customer service make StraightUp Solar a recognized Illinois solar company. The firm provides home and commercial solar systems matched to energy objectives and needs.

The energy efficiency of StraightUp Solar is a strength. The firm maximizes energy output and savings by optimizing solar installations. StraightUp Solar uses top-tier solar panels and advanced solar technologies to do this.

In Illinois, StraightUp Solar’s experience and dedication to client satisfaction make it a trusted option for residential and business solar installations.

Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar has quickly become one of Illinois’ most recognized and known solar installers, delivering residential and business solar solutions. Momentum Solar is distinguished by its dedication to making solar energy cheap and accessible and its awareness of Illinois residents’ and businesses’ particular demands.

Momentum Solar’s skilled staff works hands-on to guarantee a smooth solar energy transition. The business carefully oversees the installation from design and permits to final inspection. This thorough approach saves clients time and ensures high-quality installations.

Momentum Solar provides low prices and flexible financing because it values affordability. This focus on making solar energy accessible to a broad spectrum of consumers matches Illinois’s sustainability and clean energy goals.

As one of the leading Illinois solar installers, Momentum Solar also prioritizes customer education. Solar energy’s many benefits are explained to clients so they may make educated selections that match their energy objectives and beliefs.

Momentum Solar’s commitment to quality, affordability, sustainability, and customer service makes it a top Illinois solar installation. Momentum Solar is your trusted partner for solar energy adoption, whether you’re a household trying to lower energy expenses or a corporation adopting sustainable energy.

Are Solar Panels Worth It in Illinois?

Illinois solar panels provide several advantages beyond financial savings. Solar energy choices require weighing short- and long-term returns on investment, environmental benefits, and sustainability. Why solar panels are worth it in Illinois:

  • Solar panels are a long-term investment, so their initial cost may appear high. Lower energy costs are the biggest financial incentive. Sunlight from Illinois may power solar panels, removing your need for grid power. This reduces your utility expenditures, which might be worth the installation in a few years.
  • Illinois provides several solar energy adoption incentives. Federal tax subsidies and the Illinois Solar Program may greatly lower the initial cost of solar panel installation. These subsidies lower solar panel prices and decrease their payback time, increasing their value.
  • Solar panels provide some energy independence. You can endure power interruptions and be less dependent on conventional energy sources. Excess power may be sold back to the grid, boosting energy independence and profitability.
  • Solar is eco-friendly. Solar panels reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel use. You help Illinois fight climate change and green the future by using solar electricity.
  • Solar panels boost property value. Energy-efficient houses with solar panels sell quicker and for more, according to surveys.
  • Traditional energy sources are inconsistent, and energy expenditures may rise dramatically. Solar panels provide reliable, predictable power for decades, hedging against growing energy expenses.
  • Solar panels may last 25 years or more with minimum maintenance. While installed, they effectively generate power with periodic cleaning and inspections.
  • Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas and pollution emissions. This makes air cleaner, healthier, and better for you and future generations.
  • Decentralizing electricity production with solar panels strengthens the system. During peak demand and crises, distributed solar arrays may minimize grid pressure.
  • Solar electricity represents your commitment to a greener future. Energy usage may be meaningfully aligned with values.

Choosing the Best Solar Companies in Illinois

In conclusion, as Illinois embraces the solar revolution, the state’s solar industry is thriving, offering residents and businesses an opportunity to transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. Leading solar companies in Illinois, including ADT Solar, SunPower, Blue Raven Solar, StraightUp Solar, and Momentum Solar, are committed to making solar energy accessible and affordable for all.

Illinois’s abundance of sunshine and supportive incentives make solar power an attractive option for energy-conscious individuals and businesses. Choosing the right solar company in Illinois is the first step in embarking on a worry-free solar journey. Consider factors such as the company’s track record, qualifications, equipment, financing options, and customer testimonials to make an informed decision. With ongoing advancements and increased solar adoption, Illinois is poised to become a shining example of the benefits of solar power in 2023.