Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I’ve been writing a lot about self improvement, and bettering my life. What I haven’t done is talked about all the people I have to thank for what has been happening in my life. Sure I’ve mentioned a few of them, but tonight I want to dedicate this article to those who have helped me the most.

To my family

First and foremost I have to thank my wife, as she is the person who has to put up with me the most. I know I’m not an easy person to deal with and that the last couple years have been anything but easy. Through it all though she has stuck by my side and supported me, even when it might have been difficult to do so. Then there is my parents, who have had to put up with me and my craziness even longer. At times I’m sure they probably wondered what was going on and where I was going, but through it all they’ve supported me nonetheless. To my brothers, Steve my oldest brother has always been a great person to talk to and get advice from. I know sometimes I’m stubborn and you probably don’t think I’m listening but I have and more so now than ever. My brother Brad has been around me my entire life and even worked with me for a couple years. I know at times he’s probably wanted to punch me in the face, but at the same time I know no matter what he’s got my back. Lastly there is my inherited family (in-laws), who through it all have been positive and continued to support me. They always assure me I’ll figure things out, and have provided great advice when I need it most. I know I have a lot to thank all of you for, but I hope this shows you how appreciative I am.

To my friends

I think in your toughest moments you begin to realize who your real friends are. The first person that comes to mind is Julian, I met him a couple of years ago while working at Landmark Capital. Although we haven’t known each other all that long he’s continued to believe in me and push me to be better. Then there is Marcus, who is actually one of my brother-in-laws closest friends, but a great person to motivate you when you need it. He tells it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat things at all, which sometimes is exactly what I’ve needed. You’ve already probably read at least one article where I mention Erik, who has had a huge impact on my life all the way from Belgium. I can honestly say that without meeting him I probably wouldn’t have even began this journey of self discovery. Then there is Mike (Jennison), who I met a couple of years ago and then worked with in my most recent position with the company who laid me off. When we first started talking it was on a professional level, and although I knew we’d be more than just colleagues I had no idea he’d become one of my closest friends. He has been through his fair share in life but continues to keep a positive attitude and strives for greatness every day. To all of you I am thankful you’re part of my life, and can’t wait to continue this journey with you all being a part of it.

All I know is that without all these people around me it would have been much more difficult to get to where I am now, if I even got here at all. They all deserve a ton of credit, and just hope these words do them at least a little justice. Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to seeing where we all go, as I know we’re all meant for greatness.

Until Tomorrow

Brian Almeida