What’s Going On with the World?

The music of the Motown generation is probably one of, if not my favorite genres of music. Whether it be Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and the list goes on. When I was spending some time today listening to music and threw on some Marvin Gaye, I realized how some of his music still relates to our current world today. So rather than write about myself, I wanted to touch on my views of our world today.

Learning to love each other

There is so much negative going on in the world, and not just what you hear on the news. Unfortunately mainstream media only covers the stories that will get them the ratings, and this only gives us half the story. I’m a huge fan of VICE News and every time I watch an episode I’m shocked that I’ve never heard about what they’re covering. In some cases the stories are horrific, but other times they’re completely inspiring. Last year they did a story about women in Pakistan who were attempting to eradicate polio by visiting homes with a vaccine. The insane part was that people were trying to kill these women, and were successful in some cases. Their reasoning for wanting to kill these women was a rumor being spread that this was not a vaccine but poison. I don’t want to go into the whole story, but at the end of the day these women carried on because of pure love for children and people. They wanted to do their part to eliminate this disease. It goes to show that if we all had a little more love in our hearts, there is very little we can’t achieve. As Marvin Gaye said in the hit song What’s Going On, “For only love can conquer hate”. Reach out and show more people love, and I think we’ll be amazed at what can happen.

Taking care of our planet

In another one of Marvin Gaye’s songs Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology), he talks a lot about environmental issues. Lyrics such as “Oil wasted on the ocean and upon our seas/Fish full of mercury” or “What about this overcrowded land/How much more abuse from man can she stand?”. This song was recorded in 1971, can you imagine what he would have thought about our world today? What’s crazy is that there are still people in the world today who don’t believe global warming is a problem, and that we have nothing to worry about. If they were already singing about this kind of thing in the 70’s, how are we still denying it almost 50 years later. I know most people probably think well what can I do as one person, the truth is quite a bit actually. You can carpool to work, use LED lights in your home, or plant a couple of trees. At the end of the day your impact might seem minimal but every little bit counts. I’m a huge fan of Tesla, mainly because of the fact that they’re actually trying to make a difference in helping our planet. It would be great to see the majority of us with solar roofs and battery packs in the near future. All I know is if we don’t start now, I think we’re all in for a big shock in the next 15–20 years, if not sooner.

I’m not an expert on world issues, or the environment but I know that if we all put in a little effort we can make a difference. If nothing else I hope this might have inspired some of you to take a closer look at what’s going on with the world.

Until Tomorrow

Brian Almeida

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