Tips & Tricks for #SXSW

What are the best tips & tricks from the #NordicMade community of creators, entrepreneurs, investors and innovators going to SXSW this year?

Background: On Friday the 1st of March I launched a small project where anyone from the Nordics going to SXSW, South by South-West, can register to a public list of people and at the same time get access to that list. The list will be publicly published for anyone that wants to get a hold of the best and the brilliant from the cold north. There is nothing spectacular about this really. But, in this form I asked “ What is your best SXSW tips/tricks?” and I got so many great answers so I figured I’ll share a few of them. (If you add yourself to the list you get access to all of them).

Go with the flow — but have a schedule as your backup!
- Simone

Attend group discussions, they are smaller events but you get to know people
- Jaako

Wear comfy shoes
- Tor & Johan

Be happy and be yourself. Be present instead of everywhere
- Tone

WhatsApp groups, spontaneous invitations/invitation, answer messages asap
- Michael

Bring powerbanks!, Find Comcast-loungen i Convention Center [this year it’s called Mercedes Media Lounge and you can regiter for it now] for a much needed break between presentations. There is popcorn, cold drinks, good coffee, charging stations and exciting talks.
- Stine

“Trust the process” and visit Elephant Room
- Paulina

Use the sxsw-app
- Sune

Plan ahead — that way you’ll have room to embrace randomness as well
- Jørn

Create and enjoy SXdipity
- Bijoy

Make a good plan and the go with the flow! No stress, put the most important things to see & hear into calendar (like MoMo_Su) and then just experience the SXSW Vibes
- Peter

Dare to stay and develop the relationships you already have, and try to eat healthy, use a lot of hand sanitizer
- Jonas

Pick the sessions you really want to see and be early in the line
- Toni

Follow along on the Twitter #-livefeed; best way to filter out interesting people to meet with
- Christian

Stay cool, be open, dare to be spontaneous, let go of your FOMO
- Marlène

If you are also going to SXSW this year and either come from the Nordic countries (or feel like you are) then join the open list of #NordicMade people here.

If you want to join in on what is happening at SXSW this year, on site in Austin or from a distance you can find the #NordicMade (Nordic, Scandinvian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish & Iclandic) group of people here:

In a later post I will give some more insights into a few of the events happening and some of the official talks where #NordicMade people are on stage. For now I just leave you with:

MobileMonday (on a Sunday)
Sun, March 10, 5:00 PM — 9:30 PM CDT
Pitch night and mingle session with AI & Machine learning theme!

What is the secret sauce of the Stockholm Unicorn Factory?
Tue, Mar 12, 12:30PM — 1:30PM CDT
Startup City pitch by yours truly @ SWSW

Is the Nordics the World’s Next Unicorn Factory?
Tue, March 12, 3:00 PM — 5:00 PM CDT

Nordic Mixer
Tue, March 12, 5:00 PM — 7:00 PM CDT
Startups, Venture Capital & Swedish Minister for Foreign Trade with responsibility for Nordic Affairs, Ann Linde.