Good enough for now, safe enough to try.

Planning to do something is about the easiest thing one can do. Coming up with what to do, and then do it is way harder for most people. In order to make it easier to do, there’s a rule for some developers, saying:

Good enough for now, safe enough to try.

The notion of a project being good enough for the public to see it, and for them to be able to feedback it, is truly important. What usually happens when we’re planning things is that we get stuck in that phase for far to long, most commonly thinking that whatever the thing is, it isn’t good enough. But it usually is good enough, at least for now. Very few things need perfection, and even fewer things get anywhere close to perfection by being developed behind closed doors with no one to see, try or feel it.

When whatever you’re developing is good enough for now, it also needs to be safe enough to try. Building a flamethrower, this step might be a lot more important than developing a game, but still. If the project is safe to try, it should be tried.

What one does when following this rule is to shut that inner perfectionist or even pure negative voice down. By not allowing anything to be perfect or close to it, you can feel a lot better giving it to the world. It’s been a huge help for me getting to publish content, as it’s usually good enough and it’s usually safe to try getting out there.

What could you give to the world if you labeled it good enough for now and safe enough to try?