Why Your Facebook Reach Is Dying And How You Can Fix It

If you have been in the Facebook content marketing game for any length of time, a lot of this articles content will hit close to home. I myself have been Facebook marketing since 2007 and have seen a lot of crazy things happen within the content marketing world as it relates to Facebook. I consider myself a veteran when it comes the Facebook news feed algorithm and trying to keep up with it.

Facebook can be equally rewarding as it can be woefully fickle with publishers, the upside to this of course is the rewards are plentiful if you give Facebook what it wants.

So why is your reach dying?

The Facebook News Feed is already a competitive place, more people are making Facebook pages part of their business marketing campaign and paying for sponsored reach for their posts. Publishers who rely on organic reach for their posts will see it increasingly difficult to compete against advertisers with deep pockets. This rise in advertisers means a drop in organic reach as Facebook accommodates those willing to pay for reach. Facebook has previously warned that publishers who post promotional content can expect to see their organic reach drop significantly.

With more and more brands turning to social marketing, this fight for space within the News Feed will essentially boil down to who has the deepest pockets.

How can you improve your Facebook Page reach?

By analyzing data on trending stories its easy to see that the first couple of sources for the original topic are the ones that get the biggest slice of the pie, especially when it comes to organic Facebook News Feed priority, Twitter, google search traffic and new website links from blogs and so on.

But you cant be first for everything…

If you cant be first then you need to be a close second and the only way to do that is to be smart with your content sourcing. Facebook’s algorithm is huge and complex when it comes to handling referral traffic external domains. Its so finely tuned that it autonomously identifies content sources of trending topics. A handsome reward is then given to those sites that are at the forefront of a new trending story. We have seen this ourselves in the past when we have piggybacked viral trends and managed to get the scoop before sites such as Buzzfeed.com.

How do you get there before everybody else?

Almighty.Press can identify a potentially trending topic hours if not days before it trends. Using Almighty.Press to source content that is related to your websites niche can significantly increase your chances of Facebook picking your domain as one of the influencers behind this trending topic.

Did you ever hear the saying “No such thing as 30 minutes in the news business?” Well its never been easier to make sure you are the person who is publishing within that 30 minutes.

Almighty.Press tracks millions of articles each month from thousands of publishers, providing you with a real time data backed news feed of content with highest user engagement.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the Almighty.Press dashboard and connected it to your blog and social media profiles, you can create a preset list of keyword filters or preferred domains. Your custom news feed will now be sorted by the Almighty Force algorithm with content related to your niche.

You can adjust the time filters to show the most recent news right down to the last 15 minutes. Now you have access to content that is:

  • Fresh
  • Highly relevant
  • Engaging

With this critical edge over your competition, you will be able to help improve your Facebook Page reach and also the authority rank of your domain.

Facebook will reward you if you continue to publish fresh, unique content that is relevant to your audience. May the Almighty Force be with you!

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