Instagram Business Profiles are here — What you need to know

Instagram Insights

The long awaited Instagram update we’ve been asking for is here. The Instagram Business Profile promises to bring the insights power of its parent, Facebook, to Instagram.

If you’re a blogger or a business, you probably love Facebook and Twitter’s analytics. It’s great to see how much reach you’re getting. However, if you’ve been using Instagram, the only metric you have to go off of is likes, comments and followers. Sadly, for most of us, these metrics aren’t enough. Don’t worry, Instagram has come with a solution.

Introducing, Instagram Business Profiles

As I sat down at the end of the day, I opened my Instagram to take a look at how a video I posted earlier was doing. I was greeted with a pop up asking if I used my Instagram for business and if I’d like a business profile.

Once I accepted that, I was directed to Facebook, asked to log in and then presented with a list of my pages. I chose the page associated with my accounts (my personal Facebook page).

The first benefit I see of the Instagram Business Profile is that you can add your email address, phone number and address to your bio. Not so important to me, but I can see how brick and mortar businesses could really benefit from having their address on their Instagram profile. This tops off an exciting month for Instagram after the release of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Insights

So, the real reason you’re here. What are the insights like? To get to them, you’ll notice a little bar chart icon on the top right of your of your profile, next to the settings cog. So you’re in. However, if you’re expecting to be able to pull off a nice report right now, you’re going to be disappointed. Unfortunately, the insights don’t appear on historic posts (posts before you got your business account). So, I quickly posted an image I had gotten ready this morning to test it out.

Now there are two ways to view insights.


This lets you see your insights for this week including impressions (the total number of times all of your posts have been seen), reach (the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts) and clicks to your website.

You will also be able to see your top posts and information about your followers, however, it’s currently saying ‘info about your followers will be available within a week’. I’ll have to update you on that.


If you click on your posts (that have been posted since you upgraded your account), you’ll be able to see insights. These insights are impressions, reach and engagement (described as number of likes and comments on your post).


Next to the post analytics there is a promote button. This will presumably give you access to Facebook’s ad manage, however, upon testing it didn’t appear to work for me. I would be keen to find out how it worked for you.

Possible Negatives

There has been some hesitation about Instagram Business Profiles since the rumours started a few months ago. The main concern is Instagram following Facebook’s pattern of reducing organic reach for business profiles. If you’re not planning on using Instagram ads or you don’t need the insights, there may be cause to hold off. This is yet to see though.

Will you be upgrading to a business profile? Have you tried the promote button yet? Let me know your experience with it.

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