Every Day Life of Graphic Designer studying on BA program

To begin with: Hi, my name is Almira, I am a nerdy Graphic Designer, who studies in Prague College. If you are interested in what students do nowadays, follow me now and keep reading.

When I had wakened up at 7:30 in the morning (which is extremely early for me) I didn’t expect that I would have a quest a few hours later as a part of my studies. There was literally a treasure hunt (if you can call Google Doc a treasure) planned for the class today by our teacher.

We were split into groups of five people, given a list of places and a task: “this is an important Google Document, but to open it you need a password”. We supposed to find all places from the list, photograph their signage, and guess the typefaces which were used on those.

We did everything pretty fast and we were the first who came back from our trip (yey!), although finding the right typefaces was a bigger challenge. We tried to use everything: our knowledge, our eyes and “what the font” tool, and all of them didn’t help. We got 4/10 correct, and sometimes we didn’t even have the right image of the place. Some of the buildings had two or more signage, and of course, we photographed the wrong ones.

Wrong sign, but right typeface. How did it happen? I guess this station has a consistency in design.

At least now I can say that my typography class, which I passed year and a half ago, didn’t help me much in guessing typefaces. However, it’s a good motivation to learn more, and maybe next time if I have this kind of quest, I will be a winner.