The #metoo follow up that was promised.

About a week ago, I wrote this. Here’s the follow up to that.

…there is no question this sort of obscene behavior that women are experiencing, at work or not, is happening — from uber to google, and a hundred years proceeding, this is reality. yet we’re still not taking it to the forefront of the workplace (or the social network that is tailored to such). a mild observation i’ve made leaves me questioning the underlying fear that comes along with formally reporting abuse. perhaps there’s a way to help solve this problem with the help of some nifty design solutions.

In the 6 or so days that have passed, I’ve received several private messages, hella thumbs-ups, texts of encouragement and even potential partnership opportunities for product ideas to help solve problems in this arena. Freaking great response, right? Kind of. All of this happened behind the scenes, in private arenas. Not many people were willing to make the effort to mimic their enthusiasm on LinkedIn, even after additional encouragement. Why? Probably because they’re too scared or don’t want to jeopardize whatever they have going on. They don’t want to be put into a corner, you. know. why.

So how can we combat this? The definery team and I took to sketching and found that —

this was an interesting design challenge for a number of reasons:

1. Must be objective. Not finger-pointy. We can’t have this becoming the yelp for people.

2. Confidentiality. Anonymity. Credibility. Conflicting ideals must work together in order for this to be effective.

3. Must provide a path for betterment. Because people can change, if they want to.

Considering all of these points, I hereby present to you:

“How things could manifest if the professional networking platform decided to adjust and adhere to promoting inclusiveness, diversity and becoming a safe haven for whistleblowers.”

Soliciting first hand experiences.

Holistic feedback loops, not just testimonials.

Providing actionable improvement.

Holding companies accountable.

Hopefully the images did all the talking. If not, let me know and I’d be happy to shed some additional light. I do want to say that much of this would require a lot of effort to get right and actually make real. LinkedIn could totally be working on stuff like this, can’t wait to see how things evolve in the next few months. In the mean time, please share your thoughts.