The Regulator-in-Chief
U.S. Chamber

How nice it must be to in a position of influence. Let’s take Mr. Donohue for example. Here’s a man who is the CEO of conservative think tank, the United State Chamber of Commerce. He writes about business, and most stop to read. So I must share. A few years ago I wrote that President Obama would go down in history as the first POTUS who ruled from the executive, the Resolute Desk.

Mr Donahue writes “Congress that writes vaguely worded laws that empower those same bureaucrats to fill in the details as they see fit.” Very estrange he writes that when Congress has been at its lowest performance in history; it hasn’t really written any laws!

Mr. Donohue, our republic is run like a marriage. It takes two to tango and mediator to compromise or decide on stupidness. The POTUS is given a checkbook at the beginning of his/her term. It is up to Congress to refill the Executive’s bank account so our bills can be paid. But when it decides not to work with the Excutive, then like any spouse who needs to feed the kids, money will be borrowed from Juán to pay Pedro. Now, there have been instances where the SCOTUS had to step in to mediate, and most the time it has ruled on the Executive favor. So please, save your ink for those who really have no clue or understanding how our government works. But then again, you are just like Trump, throw it against the wall and see what sticks!