Almond — Fair and Nutritious DeFi

Medium articles celebrating huge VC rounds, opaque vesting schedules, astronomical FDVs, indefinitely closed source programs.

It’s all so tiresome.

What happened to the fair, community focused yams and pickles we once relished?

Bringing Nutrition to Solana.

Almonds are possibly the healthiest food according to industry experts, and who doesn’t want to be healthy, wealthy, and wise?

You’ll probably have to find another DeFi project to make you wise, but Almond has the rest covered for you. (Not medical advice)

To bring financial opportunity to all, Almond aims to be the most useful and most community focused DeFi platform on Solana, starting with farming and more features soon after.

Why Solana?

We believe that Solana is the best smart contract chain, and with its ever growing ecosystem and accessible fees, will eventually surpass all others. Since the ecosystem is so early, we believe Almond can bring a lot of new value to the community. And it’s a Sam coin.

So launching on Solana is basically a no-brainer.

The Diet Plan

Nobody likes stale nuts, so the Almond token (ALM) will have no private sale, public sale, or team pre-mine. Just organic, freshly minted Almonds.

We’re partnering with Atrix ( to provide LP tokens to be used for farming on Almond. We chose Atrix because of their encouragement in helping us get started in the Solana and Serum ecosystem and to support a fellow up-and-coming protocol. In the future, Almond farms will support other tokens and multi-token emissions.

To incentivize deposits, the initial ALM emission rate will be 1500 ALM per second for the first 2 weeks, 5x the eventual rate, which will be 300 ALM per second.

Here are the initial farms for ALM:

  • Atrix SOL-USDC (15x rewards)
  • Atrix SRM-USDC (10x rewards)
  • Atrix BTC-USDC (5x rewards)
  • Atrix ETH-USDC (5x rewards)
  • Atrix USDT-USDC (2x rewards)
  • Atrix ALM-USDC (launching soon!)


ALM farming will begin October 9, 2:00 AM UTC.

View the countdown at

We’re in. Your nutritionist is in. The future is in.

You in?



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