In the changelog notes of Sketch 51, Bohemian Coding quietly announced that Sketch now supports “a URL protocol for adding Sketch Libraries backed by RSS feeds to Sketch”.

At Salesforce, we were eager to make use of this feature as we’ve recently been using our internal design platform Xray to host and distribute Sketch Libraries across the design organisation. Unfortunately it quickly became apparent there wasn’t a whole lot of documentation around this great new feature and so I’ve decided to write up the notes from our implementation here.

There’s only three things you need to automatically sync a self-hosted Sketch Library seamlessly with…

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One of the things that I’m always tinkering with is the tools I use to do work. Are these the right tools for the job? Am I as productive as I could be with them?

In this post I’m going to share some designer productivity challenges we faced within Heroku and how we solved them with the broader Salesforce design team in mind.

At an onsite in San Francisco late last year, the Heroku design team set aside some time to discuss how we felt about our current design stack: the tools and products we use everyday to do our jobs. …

We’re only a few days in to the new year and I can’t help but feel it’s already been a massive disappointment. As a 13 year old, if you’d have asked me what an article about tech in 2017 would be about, I’d have probably said it would be a list of gadgets fit to kit out your new Mars home with or the pros and cons of the two leading brands of teleporter. The ‘Betamax versus VHS’ for the matter moving generation, of which I would obviously be a part.

But no, the pinnacle of human achievement thus far is…


Alasdair Monk

UX Architect for @Salesforce Platform and DevEx for @heroku

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