Dare to speak the truth

Parrhesia — speaking out the truth as a parrhesiates takes risks of being punished by any mean.

1 | What is the truth?
Unlike telling what’s right from wrong, the truth will always be truth no matter it is examined under what standard. There should be no personal judgement or expression in identifying the truth. To me, the question has not been fully answered even though the author addressed his response to this controversy by he know it’s true because it’s really true. It is still a doubt for me that how can a parrhesiates knows his opinion is also the truth?

2 | Does the status of the parrhesiates matter?
According to the reading, a parrhesiates is always less powerful than the one with whom he speaks to. Under this framework, I would like to look closer to the relationship between the parrhesiates and the interlocutor. I wonder if the personal character or social status will have affect on the quality of the parrhesia? Do the majority/sovereign react differently in accordance to the character of the parrhesiates?


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