A journey at the heart of 2.4 million Maven artifacts

Stage 1: Build the graph of Maven artifacts

In September 2018, Maven Central included 2.4 million artifacts and 9.7 million dependencies

Excerpt of 1% of the whole graph of Maven artifacts

Stage 2: A pool of software diversity

The immutability of Maven artifacts favors software diversity

Popularity of the different versions of Apache Commons IO, JUnit and XML APIs

Stage 3: The essential core of APIs

Maven APIs include a small, essential core of members that are used by most of their clients

Excerpt of the usage graph of slf4j-api. Dark blue nodes are API types that are used by the majority of clients and light blue nodes are API types with regular usages. Yellow nodes are clients that depend on the most popular API types, while purple nodes depend only on other types. Links are API usages from client types to API types. Node size represents the number of calls to the API type

Key insights from this journey in Maven Central

The crew




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