How much third-party Java dependencies do you really need ?

Depclean generates an alternative build file that gets rid of bloated dependencies in Maven projects

The state of bloated dependencies for 9639 Maven artifacts. This graph includes 19139 nodes in total, each node is a Maven artifact, 9639 are the analyzed artifacts. Red edges represent a bloated dependency, while green edges represent a necessary dependency. The size of the nodes is proportional to their number of usages.

75% of the analyzed dependency relationships are bloated

  • 75% of the analyzed dependency relationships are bloated
  • 36% of the artifacts have at least one of bloated direct dependency
  • 86% of the artifacts share at least one of their transitive dependency that is bloated
  • Multi-module Maven projects tend to accumulate bloat in parent build files, which makes cleaning more challenging

19/23 open source projects accepted the debloated build file generated by DepClean





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Benoit Baudry

Benoit Baudry

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