Heneral Luna ( Critique Paper )

The movie of Heneral Luna is very interesting. It is a Filipino biopic film depicting General Antonio Luna’s leadership of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the Philippine-American War.

This is the message of the movie. We need to save ourselves from our own selves. In other words, we must never give our trust easily to the people around us. This is because we are not sure if they our enemy or our friends. that is the ultimate truth of the society then and now.

In addition, as this was something that in our present age still prove to be rampant. Useless and mostly greedy leaders make their way to the top while the altruistic leaders remain in the background and they do not last very long. You see, the people who aren’t shiny or are strict law observers rarely acquire any higher position. In the movie we saw how President Aguinaldo comes incomparable to the patriotic Antonio Luna. For one to be advocated in the Philippines you play a game of favoritism that involves businessmen. You let your money, given by them to work for you and that is how you retain power and status. As if all of these is not enough, greedy leaders secure their future generations with corrupted money from the government. When can we finally learn the lesson of skipping media brainwash? In the next election we hope to exercise choosing wisely.

The last thing I have learned from the movie is that we do not share a common goal most of the time and if someone gets ahead of us we tend to pull them down. In the movie we can see how powerful leaders can be but powers are often of misuse. Jealousy, threat of personal advancement results to diminishing quality of leaders. They create gimmicks to let someone so successful in leading our people and authoring black propagandas that do not bring any form of progress in our country. If someone like Heneral Luna creates a good track record, practices law abiding orders he can only get a plot of dethronement from people. They don’t get any form of promotion, they receive life threats.

The film is engaging for it really attracts everyone. It’s engaging because all the casts or characters were all very excellent. They greatly fulfilled their significant role in the movie. In addition, the functions of art were being fulfilled in the movie. Glorifies the power of state and it’s ruler, celebrates war and conquest, and sometimes peace; and means for protesting political and social justice. These are some functions of art that are visible in the movie. The production of the movie is also an application of art.

There is an aesthetics scene in the movie. That is when Heneral Luna was being shot by his fellow filipino. When a pack of presidential guards assassinate him in broad daylight. And while American newspapers are quick to point the blame to Aguinaldo, the mystery has never been completely solved and the General’s killers were never put to justice.

Joven Hernando is the young student researcher. “Joven”, Spanish for “youth/young” symbolizes the youth of the country, then and now.He is the young journalist who will later on narrate Antonio Luna’s life in the movie.