My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

I whole heartedly agree it is a beaten civil rights violation to treat those of adult age but under 21 legally differently than all other adults. It is describe action of age. I know plenty irresponsible drinkers of age. I agree that the whole illegal nature just makes the illegal drinking more irresponsible. It’s rediculous.

Note I would also like to comment on this messed up culture that promotes drinking everywhere. To the degree that it rings true to me that you feel not a normal adult without the ability to drink socially legally. And yet at some level “we” know it is quite the unhealthy habit and dangerous drug; so much so that we have voted to not let young adults imbibe legally. As if that has some way of making it ok for us to drink at a later age.

So many aspects of our culture, legal system, government, that reflect an inherently juvenile adult population. Ironic it is.

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