Only a fool — a pure, unthinking, meandering, clueless fool — would extend a hand to the person…
Son of Baldwin

So, a serious question:

How is this not a recipe for a vicious cycle? I understand your reasoning — don’t extend a helping hand to the one waiting to cut it off, as you said to a commenter. That makes sense. But how do you differentiate between those people and the people who mean you no harm whatsoever, if you’re only going to go by skin color?

It’s sort of the same prejudice that plagues you, isn’t it?

So then what are white people supposed to do, assume now that black people have it out for them, and treat them as such? That’s the cycle I’m talking about.

So, yeah, I totally see your point; I just see it as problematic because it basically calls for complete and total segregation, or war, one or the other, because no one is supposed to feel safe around each other, right?

I was lucky and grew up in a pretty mellow place/time, where we seemed to get along just fine, on the same footing and the same lives. So now, 4 decades or so later, this all seems so terrible, an awful way to live, being suspicious of each other all the time.

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