Freelancer? Do You Need Help?

Do you love bookkeeping and accounting work? Do you love preparing your taxes? Do you love paying your accountant $150+ per hour?

If your answer to those questions is a resounding NO, then read on!

DID YOU KNOW? The IRS estimates that an independent contractor or freelancer who files their own 1040 Schedule C tax form will spend almost 2 hours per month doing the work. They have to track their financial records (12 hours a year), plan their tax filings (4 hours a year), and complete and submit their tax forms (5 hours a year)…

YOU CAN GET HELP FOR AS LOW AS $34.99 PER MONTH… DO YOU REALLY WANT TO DO ‘PAINFUL’ ACCOUNTING WORK YOURSELF FOR LESS THAN $20 PER HOUR? Why not spend that time making money doing what you love — and let someone else do the ‘painful’ accounting work for you ?

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