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Daily Horoscope: Full Moon in Taurus

October 24, 2018

Full Moon in Taurus, October 24, arrives this afternoon with a touch of the crazy and unpredictable as it joins Uranus in Taurus. Before entering Taurus, the moon winds down its Aries transit this morning. Impatience, irritability, arrogance, and rudeness may flare as full moon feelings intensify. Will the cow jump over the moon and the dish run off with the spoon? Maybe something like that while moon and Uranus oppose sun and Venus in Scorpio, and form a quincunx to Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio. A square between Mercury and Mars in Aquarius can definitely trigger a flight or fight response. If you have a clear mind, move forward, even if your plans are radical, but if you are reacting to stimuli, postpone decisions until tomorrow, when the moon is further away from Uranus. The Taurus/Scorpio energy highlights materialism and money. Jupiter sextile Pluto in Capricorn can increase the desire for BIG money. A record setting Mega Millions jackpot of 1.6 BILLION dollars — as I write this — reflects this potent manifesting money vibe. Someone may make history as a billionaire winner at this full moon! What would you do as a billionaire? I’m happy to tell you that if I win, I will still be reading charts for people. What passion or purpose would still be yours if you won a billion dollars? Spend or give money joyfully to welcome more and count what you have with gratitude to see it grow. May the Full Moon bless you abundantly!

Dunnea Rae

Aloha Astro